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 Lee WellZy
Magician in Liverpool, Merseyside - Lee WellZyWellZy is a professional Close Up Magician that specialises in performing for the more grown up audience.

In recent years he has quickly become the North Wests favourite and busiest Magician in the corporate and private sector. WellZy also works all over the UK and has even performed abroad in Florida for several restaurants on International Drive.

WellZy has made performing to his spectators an art from and always leaves his spectators wanting more. His non-cheesy dedicated approach is what has made him so popular.

He specialises in performing with cards, coins, metal bending, fire and magic not for the feint hearted including razor blade eating, cutting a signed coin from his arm, hammering a nail through his head, pulling thread from his tear duct, spike under cups and his very own nail gun Russian roulette effect.

His magic is truly visual and stunning and will leave people wondering for weeks on end and they will also be left with some very unique souvenirs.
Magician in Liverpool, Merseyside - Lee WellZy
The magic that he performs is absolutely perfect for any special event whether it is adding some more magic to your wedding day, christening party, corporate function, Halloween party and 18th or 21st birthday.

Recently WellZy has been made the official events magician for Lifestyle Monthly Magazine which includes Liverpool Fashion Week and the Lifestyle Awards.

WellZy has had the pleasure of performing to some of the biggest names it television, film and sports including the cast of Peep Show / Phoenix Nights / Holyoaks / Players from Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs / The late Boxing Legend Smokin Jo Frazier / The International Tennis Tournament 2011 & 2012.
Performs: Close Up, Street, Mentalism and Dangerous Magic
Where is he based?:
Liverpool, Merseyside
Where does he perform?:
Lee is a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory


Ian McCoy                                         

Merseyside Magician - Ian McCoy

Ian McCoy has performed his incredible magic and mindreading all over the world for blue chip companies, cruise lines, Hollywood celebrities and private individuals. Having spent most of his career in the United States he has relocated to the UK and resides in the Merseyside area.

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Street and Mentalism
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:


Aaron Hayes                                 

Wirral Magician - Aaron Hayes

Aaron Hayes is one of the U.K's up and coming talents in the world of magic, with several years of performance experience across the UK and Europe. He has performed for stars of stage screen and music! from the likes of premier league footballers to chart topping bands and the occasional D or E list move star! (cant all be glitz and glamour!)

Lets get to the nitty gritty shall we?

If you want a magician that will boast of his past performances then don't book Aaron.  If you want a magician who dresses in mysterious black with a goatee and a raised eyebrow then don't book Aaron.
If however you would like a magician who will be professional charming and at times hilariously funny then guess what!!

Aaron is your magician!

From cards to coins from fruit to cutlery he will produce items from thin air he will make items pass through one another and all of this from a few feet away!

Ideal for a corporate function, a wedding, a birthday, a Wednesday, a Sunday! in fact any day at all Aaron is the chap for you!

Call Aaron now on 0151 200 4118 or 07821446509 for further details.

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Comedy and Street
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:


Stephen Williams                               

Liverpool's Stephen Williams

Stephen Williams - Corporate Magician -

Stephen Williams is a professional magician, who specialises in corporate events. His gloriously quick-witted, and charming style is what makes his cabaret magic the perfect form of after dinner entertainment.

Stephen won the title of World Junior General Magic Champion at the Showzam Festival 2008. Since then, he has performed in ‘Ken Dodd Happiness Shows’ across the country, has toured with ‘The Stephen Mulhern Show’ and ‘Tricky TV Live’, and is even one of the magicians and presenters in the new series of the BAFTA award winning ‘Tricky TV’.

He has also been featured on Richard & Judy, and SONY personally chose Stephen to promote their Bravia products via a TV commercial, filmed and broadcast in Japan.

Stephen has been the ideal choice for company's such as NHS, GlaxoSmithKline, and Pizza Express - so find out what he can do for your next event today!


Chris Hawkins – Silver Monkey Events
“Stephen is an absolute pro. He went down a storm at the Pizza Express Awards 2010. The London Roundhouse was full to capacity. Somehow Stephen wowed and charmed his way around most of the guests! Stephen is destined for greatness!”

Andrew Stark, Entertainment Secretary for the CMS
“Stephen Williams is professional in everything he does – while your booking him, from the moment you have booked him and when he is performing. The guests at our dinner were talking about Stephen after his performance… and they still are! Superb magic! I would not hesitate to hire Stephen again!"

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Comedy and Mentalism
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:



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Performs: Close Up, Cabaret and Stage
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