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Joining The Magician Directory

The Magician Directory is the largest definitive guide to the worlds magicians. Allowing potential bookers to find the perfect magical entertainer for their function or event whether they are looking for a local or an international entertainer.

Unfortunately, I no longer have enough time or money to run the Directory for free so now have to charge a yearly subscription to be registered.  It is still a non-profit website as all costs go towards paying a webmaster to maintain it and towards the redesign of it as it's currently going through a complete 5000 overhaul and will soon be looking even better and will allow users to log in and update their profile whenever they want.

Although it is a worldwide directory, it is based in the UK, so payment is in UK pounds.  The prices are based per area, for example, if you wanted to go on just the Florida page, that would be 1 area. If you wanted to go on the Florida page, the New York page and the London page, that would be 3 areas. The more areas you want to go on, the cheaper it will become.

Prices are as follows:

1 x Area 20.00 per year (approximately $32 USD)
2 x Areas 35.00 per year
(approximately $55 USD)
3 x Areas 50.00 per year
(approximately $80 USD)
4 x Areas 60.00 per year
(approximately $95 USD)
5 x Areas 70.00 per year
(approximately $112 USD)
6 x Areas 80.00 per year
(approximately $128 USD)
7 x Areas 90.00 per year
(approximately $144 USD)
8 x Areas 100.00 per year
(approximately $160 USD)
9 x Areas 110.00 per year
(approximately $175 USD)
10 x Areas 120.00 per year
(approximately $192 USD)

If you want to be in more than 10 areas, please email me:

To register, simply choose how many areas you'd like to go in and click on the Subscription button below.  Once you've subscribed, you'll be directed to the registration page.

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