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 Damian Surr
Somerset Magician Damian SurrDamian is in high demand to performs his 'Gingermagic'
throughout the UK. Here's a taste of what his customers think

..."Damian is, quite simply, the best close up magician in the
UK and I‚ve seen 'em all! His magic is a
Somerset Magician Damian Surrt a different level to all those other 'jobbing' magicians that ply their trade on the circuit. Many of them are very good, but Damian is brilliant and that's the difference." Nigel Botterill, CEO N5 and leading UK Entrepreneur

Take a look at to see if Damian feels like a good fit for your event. There's lots of video footage there to whet your appetite.

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret and Street
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:
Damien a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory


 Ozzy Symons
Magician in Devon - Ozzy SymonsOzzy is a close up magician in Devon. His unique brand of comedy magic is a hit with guests of all ages. Ozzy believes in the entertainment factor and delivers this is a way that isn't intrusive and can be catered for any event or time scales. Being a professional for many years Ozzy can help plan a successful event whether it is for a Wedding, Celebration or a corporate event.
Magician in Devon - Ozzy Symons
'Slight of hand with a touch of cheek'

ozzy has performed at many events in Devon,Somerset, Hampshire and all over the Uk, including The London Palladium.

ozzy knows how important it is to get the right entertainer, and is more than happy to meet with you before booking so you know you will get a great service.
Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Comedy, Mentalism and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Exeter, Devon
Where does he perform?:
Ozzyis a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory


 Atlas Brookings
Magician in Nottighamshire - Atlas BrookingsSo you have a special event - A wedding, picnic, party or corporate retreat. You have shelled out money for food, seating, and maybe a little for booze. But that leaves one thing. What to do about entertainment? Your friend has an in with a DJ, but music can make venues so impersonal and loud, distracting from conversation and the purpose for the event. Moreover, all of these ideas are played out, nothing breaks the mold. No one would leave your event saying they experienced something new and memorable...something fantastic.

Let your guests rediscover wonder with the aid of Atlas Brookings, mind reader and psychic entertainer. His unique style of mind reading mixes psychology and body language inference with his quick and ready wit and will entertain your guests as he does the impossible: reaching into your guests' minds to reveal their thoughts.

The possibilities are endless: he can entertain people at tables as they dine at a luncheon, mingle with guests at private parties or trade shows, perform after dinner parlor or stage-shows, or provide training to help staff better relate to clients or potential customers through interpretation and careful use of reflective body-language signals.

He will have your guests smiling one minute, laughing hysterically the next, and in disbelief throughout. They will love his performance and enjoy every moment.

And, MOST importantly, your event will be remembered.

For more information, visit his website at

Tel: 01623 458234    Mobile: 07914 941314

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage and Mentalism
Where is he based:
Where does he perform?: Nationally
Atlas is a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory


 Art of the Impossible - Paul Hyland

Dorset Magician - Paul HylandGreat entertainment for parties, weddings and corporate events.

"Thank you for your amazing performance at Palazzo Pisani Moretta did a great job!" Ivana Crispino, PepsiCo Top-to-Top Banquet, Venice.

"The illusions you entertain our customers with are truly outstanding ...exceptional talent" Anokaa Restaurant, Salisbury.

"Incredibly entertaining...a big, big thank you" Donna Hubbard, Head of Client Connections, SKOPOS.Dorset Magician - Paul Hyland

"Everyone was thrilled... a must have for anyone arranging their wedding" Carol Woodward, Springfield Hotel, Wareham.

"Fantastic... so clever... and so funny" Sue Kay, ‘Cards on the Table‘, The Lighthouse, Poole

Please see my website (above) or call 01258 454232

Performs: Close Up and Cabaret
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:

Paul is a fully paid up member of The Magician Director


David Bonsall
David Bonsall - Close Up Magician in Hampshire

With charming style and intangible humour, David provides a unique and exquisite entertainment experience for both social and corporate occasions.

His modern and skilful approach to the art of close up magic has made him one of the most sought after close up magicians in the UK. He is often the entertainer of choice by many of the world’s largest blue chip corporations, celebrities and politicians who are seeking to wow their clients, colleagues or friends with an experience they will never forget.  David Bonsall - Close Up Magician in Portsmouth

"CONGRATULATIONS!! You have taken my family and friends by storm! Saturday 18th was an absolute triumph and about 70 people were in love with you! I cannot express adequately how wonderful your act is, and how impressed I, and my guests, were with your entire presentation. I cannot visualise there is anyone who could better provide a higher quality entertainment for any important occasion."

Please see David's website for more information. 

Performs: Close Up
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:
David is a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory


James Brown                          

Bournemouths's James Brown

“James is a master of misdirection and timing”
Luke Jermay, consultant for the DERREN BROWN Show.

The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year
2nd Place - International Close-up Magic Competition

Whether during the photographs, wedding breakfast or evening reception, James is the ideal way of keeping your guests entertained with a sophisticated mixture of Sleight of Hand and Psychological Illusion.

Performs: Close Up and Pickpocket
Where is he based?:
Bournemouth, Dorset
Where does he perform?:


Roy McKenzie                       

Dorset Magician for Close Up and Cabaret - Roy McKenzie

Roy Mckenzie is based in Verwood, Dorset and is a member of the Wessex Magical Association, the Association of New Forest Magicians and the Associated Wizards of the South.

He performs both Close up and Cabaret magic and always uses audience participation.   With a plenty of magic and touch of humour, Roy Mckenzie masterfully creates a truly unforgettable experience.

To hire Roy for your event; call him now on: Tel: 07812 758 089

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret and Stage
Where is he based?:
Verwood, Dorset Hampshire border
Where does he perform?:
Internationally, Inter-planetary


Daniel Lyons                                              

Dan Lyons,  Close Up Magician in Poole and Bournemouth

Daniel has been performing close-up magic for several years now. He has regular spots in restaurants throughout the south and has worked for many big name companies. Daniel has a great sense of humour and terrific sleight of hand that will have you laughing and talking about his magic for a long time to come!

Performs: Close Up and Street
Where is he based?:
Poole, Dorset
Where does he perform?:


Tommy Cooper Remembered

Clive Greenaway - Tommy Cooper Remembered

People are always saying "We need something completely different for our after-dinner entertainment this year."

So with master storyteller Clive Greenaway, you can enjoy an affectionate look at one of Britain's best loved comics as he takes you through Tommy's life. This warm tribute is brimming with Tommy's favourite anecdotes and lovable gags - and find out what did happen to Tommy's last fez!

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage and Comedy
Where is he based?:
Poole, Dorset
Where does he perform?:


Paul Brookes                           

Paul Brookes - Magician in Weymouth, Dorset

Paul has been performing magic since the age of 14, he is a natural performer who loves to entertain. His repertoire caters for all ages and is full of original ideas and effects creating both a magical and memorable experience.

Paul specialises in 'Close-Up' magic which is ideal for all occasions including weddings, parties, corporate dinners and conferences. He performs in hotels, pubs, restaurants and clients homes, leaving guests amazed, asking the question 'just how did he do that?'

"I was absolutely transfixed, both at Paul's act, and the bewildered kids watching it - and to impress any kids to that extent these days is magic in itself!" ANDY TILL (GUEST)

Performs: Close Up and Mentalism
Where is he based?:
Weymouth, Dorset
Where does he perform?:


Russel Andrews                     

Russel Andrews - Magician in Weymouth, Dorset

Close up magic and psychological mind reading is the speciality...

I have been performing for just over 6 years at all types of venues and corporate events across the country.

A true experience!

Performs: Close Up, Stage, Street and Mentalism
Where is he based?:
Weymouth, Dorset
Where does he perform?:


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