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The Magic of Eric Giliam                     

Magician Phoenix, Arizona - The Magic of Eric Giliam

Phoenix Magician Eric Giliam can create a custom tailored live show catering to the specific needs of your special event and the guests who attend. 
We travel to your venue and perform a live, professional show that will impress your guests.

Performs: Corporate, Cabaret, Stage and Comedy
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:


Jeb Earl                                       

Safford, Arizona Magician  Jeb Earl

Magic Entertainment for Arizona, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, and surrounding area. Offering the best in top quality Children’s Parties, School and Library Shows.
Performs: Stage and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Peoria, Arizona
Where does he perform?:
Within 75 mile area


Roland Perry                            

Phoenix Arizona Magician - Roland Perry

With over 25-years experience in performing close-up and stage magic, trade shows, stand-up comedy, and children's puppet shows, Roland has performed in 28 states and currently booking shows only in Arizona and the New England-area.

He has performed for a variety of venues including the Jimmy Fund Foundation, the Hospice of the Valley Foundation, the Children's Charities Foundation, the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital, the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation, veterans centers and child-care centers.

Roland is a member of the KIDabra! International: The Association of Family and Kidshow Performers and International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 55 (Phoenix).

THE ROLY & BUDDY SHOW: Puppetry, Comedy and Magic Children's entertainment for the 3 to 9 age range. Ideal for daycares, libraries, schools, and private parties. CLOSE-UP MAGIC: "Out-of-the-pocket"-style magic such as card tricks and slight-of-hand. Great for table-side entertainment. Ideal for restaurants, trade shows, conventions, and private parties. MAGIC LESSONS: Available for individual and group lessons. Great for kids and beginners.
Performs: Close Up, Comedy, Children's Magic, Puppets and Magic Lessons
Where is he based?:
Phoenix, AZ
Where does he perform?:
Within 100 mile area


Jolly Roger                                  

Arizona Magician Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger (Roger Blake) was born in Northumberland, England. He was educated at British boarding schools from the age of 8 years. His interest in magic started when he was 9 years old, and he gave his first public performance at the age of 14. After leaving school he trained for the stage at The Birmingham School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art, and the Webber-Douglas Academy in London. After college he worked for a short time as an actor in Repertory Theatre before branching out into variety in his early twenties.

As a Comedy Magician , he has performed all over the world, including television shows in 5 countries, three summer seasons in Italy, six months touring Australia, numerous trips to the Persian Gulf (Qatar, Dubai and Bahrain), and fifteen different cruise ships. He has also worked extensively as an actor, master of ceremonies, presenter and voice over talent, for radio, television, commercials, industrials, and live performances.

In London he ran his own agency "Jolly Roger Entertainments," for several years in the late 1980's. This was London's largest entertainment agency specializing in booking magicians and other entertainers. In addition to running the agency, Roger was also one the most sought after magical entertainers in London.

In 1992, Roger sold his agency and moved to Arizona. Since his arrival in the United States, he has made a name for himself as the number one magical entertainer in the Valley of the Sun. His unique style, vivacious personality and delightful British Humor, are the ingredients that add up to a recipe for truly great entertainment!

Roger is also a featured writer in “Abracadabra” The world’s only magical weekly, and “The Magic Circular” the magazine of The Magic Circle, the world’s most prestigious magic society.

Roger will travel anywhere in the world, and is available for Trade Shows, Corporate Events, Television Shows, Cruises, Resort Hotels, Fundraisers, MC for awards banquets, Theaters, Restaurants, Radio and Television Commercials… in fact for any event of any size in any location... where the goal is professional entertainment at it's best!


Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Comedy, Children's Magic and Trade Shows
Where is he based?:
Phoenix, Arizona
Where does he perform?:


Eddie Siller                                           

Arizona's Eddie Siller

Eddie has been involved in magic for many years. His specialty and favorite type of magic to perform is manipulation. It is very obvious when Eddie performs that he enjoys the magic as much as the people watching him perform it. Just watch the faces of those around him and you too will see that magic is truly a universal language for the young and young at heart.
Whether Eddie is performing on stage in a full evening show or performing in the intimate setting of your living room he will astound you with his magic. Big illusions to children's parties, Eddie believes that a show of any size should always amaze and astound you.
Eddie has spent many years developing his craft. He seeks out the best in magic to learn from. His teacher, Jeff McBride, was named the Magic Castle's Magician of the Year and is recognized as the foremost innovator in contemporary magic. Eddie is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and a Lifetime member of International Magicians Society. Eddie spends his time perfecting his skills so that he can fascinate and entertain you with his magical knowledge and skill.
As a matter of fact, Eddie has competed in Arizona's Close Up and two Stage Magician of the Year competitions (in Scottsdale, AZ - September, 2002 and Tucson, AZ - March, 2003 and April, 2005 respectively).
Whether Eddie is performing on stage in a full evening show or performing in the intimate setting of your living room he will astound you with his magic. Big illusions to children's parties, Eddie believes that a show of any size should always amaze and astound you.
Eddie can be found performing in many different types of venues. He performs in Renaisance Faires all over the state of Arizona each year as well as performing at grand openings, special events and, of course, birthday parties!
If you're looking for some fun quality entertainment for your next event, give Eddie a call at (928) 710-1080 and see what Eddie can do for you!
Performs: Close up, Cabaret, Stage and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Prescott, Arizona
Where does he perform?:
Within 100 mile area


Living Illusions                                           


The show opens with incredible special effects that immediately set the stage for what is about to happen next. A fast paced environment takes the crowd on an emotional roller coaster... they will not believe their eyes as illusion and reality collide... they will laugh at Kevin's hysterical comedy... they feel a tug at their hearts as Kristen shares a sentimental story about how blessings are like snowflakes... they will be on the edge of their seats when Kristen, recognized as The World's Premiere Female Escape Artist, is handcuffed and shackled in the world’s only Full View Water torture Cell. However, after all is said and done, the audience will remember much more than just great entertainment. They walk away having been exposed to the truth about Christ and His promise, which may be what they remember for the rest of their lives…perhaps longer.

Living Illusions is a touring illusion show, produced by Mark Bell Presents. They have been featured on The Travel Channel & Discovery Channel and toured extensively throughout the United States and Australia. They have worked with groups such as, Youth For Christ, YWAM, Josh McDowell, Teen Mania, Pro Sports Franchises, Fortune 500 Companies, the Summer Olympics in Australia and many others.

Living Illusions features Kevin Ridgeway and Kristen Johnson. Kristen has quickly become known as one of the top escape artists in the world male or female. She was the only female selected to be on the National TV show, Inside the Houdini Museum, airing on The Travel Channel and Discovery Channel. She is also sought out nationally as a spokesperson on self-esteem, while women's groups around the country find her to be the person they want young girls to look up to. Kevin has drawn crowds Down Under in Australia and captivated audiences in North America. Whether in intimate groups or in huge stadiums, Kevin has a presence to be reckoned with. His unique blend of wit and charisma make him a natural entertainer.

Performs: Stage and Escapology
Where are they based?:
Where do they perform?:


Norman Flagg                             

Magician Norman Flagg

Norman Flagg is not only listed in Who's Who In The West, but he's also been performing his own unique and outstanding  brand of magic for over thirty years!! for a wide variety of functions and venues all over the world!

Norman is also a past owner of two magic restaurants where he performed his award winning tableside magic to thousands of delighted clients.

Performs: Close up and Comedy
Where is he based?:
Tuscon, AZ
Where does he perform?:
Within 100 mile area


Victor Gade                                

Pheonix Arizona magician Victor Gade

I have been doing magic since I was seven. I started from close up pocket tricks, went through all branches of magic and ending with grand illusions. I build my own personal tricks and illusions. I can design any trick with the customer's product, like coca cola, seven up. Pepsi cola, Westinghouse, Tupperware, golf club etc. For which I had worked for. I have a lifetime experience in magic. I lectured on magic, wrote a book on illusions, translated seven more on the same subject. I can do shows in English or Spanish.

Tel:  (602) 908-2304 (480) 600-4859

Performs: Cabaret, Stage, Escapology, Children's Magic and Illusions
Where is he based?:
Phoenix, AZ
Where does he perform?:

Magic Tony's Grand Delusion Productions

Scottsdale, Arizona - Magic Tony's Grand Delusion Productions

Magic Tony is Scottsdale's premier magical entertainer. He has been entertaining audiences throughout the United States and Europe for nearly 20 years and is known for his unique blend of theatre, psychology, and magic. His shows are packed with mysterious illusions, comedy, and audience participation, and will make any event a memorable one, from wedding receptions to corporate events to church banquets.

Recognitions: His routine, “The Bus Stop” has won four National Competitions, including a first place award at the 1997 Houdini Club Convention at which he also won the close-up competition (a feat only accomplished once before him in the 59-year history of the convention!). In 1999, he placed third among magicians from around the world at the competition sponsored by the International Brotherhood of Magicians held in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Act: Magic Tony has a multitude of shows to fit any budget and environment.

Strolling Magic: One-on-one magic happens in the spectator’s hands! This show is perfect for a table-to-table banquet situation or group-to-group at a cocktail party, hospitality suite, or street festival.

Parlor Magic: This show employs comedy and audience-interaction and is suitable for an intimate setting with a small group or a large venue with hundreds of people.

Master of Ceremonies: Let Magic Tony spice up your awards ceremony or corporate banquet. As MC, Magic Tony will ensure that the evening flows and that the audience stays entertained throughout.

To contact Magic Tony, please call: (602) 652-2653, email:, or visit
Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage and Comedy
Where is he based?:
Scottsdale, AZ
Where does he perform?:


Jim Saylor         Click here for Jim's Website

Mesa, Arizona Magician - Jim Saylor

Bio: For 20 years Jim Saylor has been performing nationally as a professional comedy magician/magic consultant. The audience receives a variety of shows to enjoy which include magic (stage/parlor, strolling, close-up, mentalism and escapes), comedy and much more.  Jim is a member of I.B.M. (International Brotherhood of Magicians), a member of S.A.M. (Society of American Magicians), a life-time member of I.M.S. (International Magicians Society) and the National Thespian Society.

Performing Categories: Variety Entertainer, Business Motivational Speaker, Comedian, Comedy Magician, Corporate Comedian, Corporate Magician, Emcee, Escape Artist, Harmonica Player, Mind Reader/Mentalist, Motivational Speaker, Psychic Entertainment, Strolling/Close-up Magician, Trade Show Magician

Performing Venues: Anniversary Party, Awards Night, Birthday Party, Casino, Christmas/Holiday Party, Club/Nightclub, Convention, Corporate Event, Cruise, General, Restaurant, Reunion, Seminar, Trade Show

Review: Nationally known variety entertainer and comic magician Jim Saylor has been performing professionally for 20 years, most recently throughout AZ.
Jim's comedy magic show is for everyone. It consists of Comedy, Close-up and Parlor Magic, Mentalism, and Escapes. Jim's shows can be custom tailored to play on the stage for hundreds or at a table for two. Spectators will have chosen cards and coins visibly change in their hands. They will cut ropes in two and watch as the pieces become one right under their noses. Single objects will multiply in their own closed hands - and more.
Jim Saylor's comedy magic variety show will help you to forget about the pressures of every day life with something sorrowfully lacking today - quality entertainment!
Gayle Martin - Author/Historical Entertainer
Tucson, AZ.

"I will perform anywhere in the world. I am available for any and all events of any size, in any location, where the goal is professional entertainment at it's best!"

Tel: 928-499-7937
Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Comedy, Escapology, Mentalism & Corporate, Trade Shows, etc.
Where is he based?:
Prescott Valley, AZ
Where does he perform?:


Aaron Entertains                        

Phoenix, Arizona Magician - Aaron Entertains

Whether you are looking for jaw-dropping magic, incredible juggling and unicycling, dangerous fire eating, or side-splitting comedy no need to look further; Aaron Burroughs delivers all this and more in his unique and fresh variety act. With nearly a decade entertaining audiences in many states and across the globe, Aaron will meet your entertainment needs!
Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Street and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Phoenix, AZ
Where does he perform?:


Jonas, The Magic Man                        

Phoenix, Arizona Magician - Jonas , The Magic Man


Invite wonder and amazement to your next Event:

Psychic entertainment that points to the possibility of unexplained phenomena while having fun.

Discover when ordinary objects reveal themselves extra ordinarily.
The world we live in; truly is magical.


Children's Parties & Birthdays
Weddings & Anniversaries
Corporate Events & Product Promotions

What is your event? Book early for availability.
Go to for more information.
Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Street, Mentalism and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Phoenix, AZ
Where does he perform?:
Nationally, South Western, USA


Magic By Adam                            

Scottsdale, Arizona - Magic By Adam

Magic By Adam is excited to bring you the finest in close-up magic! Adam will leave you amazed with his unforgettable magic tricks and close-up illusions. With one mention of his magic word "Abracadabra", you and your guests will notice that the kid in you comes out in full force. You might even say your own magic words, "How did you do that?" or "Can you do that one again?
Performs: Close Up and Street
Where is he based?:
Scottsdale, AZ
Where does he perform?:
Within 100 mile area


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