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 VIP Magician Richard Stooker
V.I.P. Magician Richard Stooker may very well be the jet set‚s best-kept secret but surely is one of the world‚s top magic performers.

With performances in 18 countries worldwide and his magic television show aired in over 80 countries Richard has truly made an international name for himself receiving nothing but critical acclaim.
VIP Magician Richard Stooker
In 25 years has earned the reputation of (The Gentleman of Magic‚ because he doesn't seek publicity or needs to have his name announced everywhere he goes. Instead Richard works mostly on referral due to the incredibly private and often high profile nature of his clientele.

Richard‚s performances draw on century‚s worth of magic theory, live theatre experience and his utterly unique style of audience interaction that has become his trademark. Richard understands how much his clients value excellence, world-class entertainment and discretion.

Each and every performance is tailored according to the client's specific wishes, ens
VIP Magician Richard Stookeruring the success and memorability of any event. Whether it is an intimate surprise wedding, a fundraising benefit, a corporate party, a product launch or a private event: Richard's participation will always enhance the experience and will never detract.

If you demand quality. If you demand exclusivity; V.I.P. Magician Richard Stooker really is your only choice.
Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Comedy, Street and Mentalism
Where is he based?:
The Netherlands
Where does he perform?:
Richard is a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory



Bianka & Payo                              

Ostrava, Czech-Rep - Bianka & Payo

Duo Bianka & Payo
Fakir - oriental magic. Sword swallowing, fire eating, nail bed, cutting apple on naked belly, walking on burning broken glass, razor blades eating, string from eye, nail through the nose, drill through nose, fire spitting

Classic of Magic - parlor cabaret magic for smaller stage. Magic with scarves, ropes, metal rings and audience!

Micromagic - close-up with cards, coins, cigarettes, ring and rope, finger ring, rubberbands, bank notes, pen or whatever around...

Illusions - chair suspension - levitation on chair's edge, voodoo box - 20 umbrellas through small box with girl inside, Inquisition - 12 daggers through head

Fire Show - juggling and spinning with fire poi, staff, ropes, devil stick, clubs

UV Show - juggling and spinning with electronic lightening devices :) D'Lite, poi, flags, devilstick, diabolo

Kids show - 2 clowns are playing with kids! Learning them basics from magic and juggling, modelling balloons, spinning plates, playing games, singing and dancing, riding a unicycle, balancing on rola bola

Street Promo - stilts, unicycle, juggling

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Comedy, Street, Escapology, Children's Magic and Oriental
Where do they based?:
Where do  they perform?:


Duo Logarex                                       

kouzelníci a iluzionisté Brno, Czech-Rep - Duo Logarex

Kouzelníci a Iluzionisté Duo LOGAREX.
Duo LOGAREX jsou mladí, ale přesto talentovaní kouzelníci a iluzionisté.
Společně uskutečnili mnoho představení.
Za pomocí Klaunovské a Balónkové show rozářily spousty dětských tváří.
Jejich zvířátka z balónků potěší všechny věkové kategorie.
Zúčastňují se také různých kouzelnických soutěží.
Na soutěžích dosáhly výborných výsledků.
Také vystupují ve školách, školkách, na narozeninových oslavách, na firemních večírcích, a dalších společenských akcích.

Performs: Stage, Comedy, Street, Mentalism and Children's Magic
Where do they based?:
Where do  they perform?:


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