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 VIP Magician Richard Stooker
V.I.P. Magician Richard Stooker may very well be the jet set‚s best-kept secret but surely is one of the world‚s top magic performers.

With performances in 18 countries worldwide and his magic television show aired in over 80 countries Richard has truly made an international name for himself receiving nothing but critical acclaim.
VIP Magician Richard Stooker
In 25 years has earned the reputation of (The Gentleman of Magic‚ because he doesn't seek publicity or needs to have his name announced everywhere he goes. Instead Richard works mostly on referral due to the incredibly private and often high profile nature of his clientele.

Richard‚s performances draw on century‚s worth of magic theory, live theatre experience and his utterly unique style of audience interaction that has become his trademark. Richard understands how much his clients value excellence, world-class entertainment and discretion.

Each and every performance is tailored according to the client's specific wishes, ens
VIP Magician Richard Stookeruring the success and memorability of any event. Whether it is an intimate surprise wedding, a fundraising benefit, a corporate party, a product launch or a private event: Richard's participation will always enhance the experience and will never detract.

If you demand quality. If you demand exclusivity; V.I.P. Magician Richard Stooker really is your only choice.
Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Comedy, Street and Mentalism
Where is he based?:
The Netherlands
Where does he perform?:
Richard is a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory


 Andrew Lee
Magician in Malaysia - Andrew LeeAndrew Lee, a magician who started out his carrier as a performer at a very young age of 16. His shows incorporates all 13 variations of magic.

One which includes Levitation, the ability to float an object in mid air.

Mentalism, dealing with the human mind also known as “Mind magic” which enables the performer to read minds, bend objects, move objects using only the power of the mind.

Transposition and Substitution of objects from hand to hand enabling the audience to feel the magic right in their own hands.
Magician in Malaysia - Andrew Lee

These are examples of some of the subdivision of magic in which he includes in his shows giving you different variety and variations.

Andrew has also performed all across Asia and countries like India, Egypt, Singapore, Kuwait and Australia. He was also the Assistant Director for Asia’s Biggest Illusion Show in Genting “Superstars of magic" held on OCT 2010.

He has also worked with well renowned magicians from all over the world, for more info Videos and Pictures please visit:
Performs: Close Up, Stage, Street, Mentalism and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:
Andrew is a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory


 Aaron Pang
Magician in Malaysia - Aaron PangThe Great Magician & The Balloon Man in Malaysia: In 2010, he won the championship in the inaugural Taiwan Qing Shui festival Magic competition followed by the renowned Taiwan RIC international magic competition. With this achievement, Aaron made history. He became the first foreign participant to emerge top in the contest, as well as the first Malaysian to win an international magic competition in Taiwan.

In the same year, he was crowned champion in Singapore's Magic circus competition. Aaron did not stop there. In 2011, he was presented with Malaysia International Magic Contest Best Choice Award after receiving the highest number of votes among all the contestants.

Since then, Aaron has been invited to perform nationally and internationally at various places including Resort World Genting, HSBC bank and Korea's international Magic show, never failing to astonish and amaze his audience each time. In 2011, he was even featured on Taiwan's hottest variety show, Diamond club‰ as the top magician. With a spirit of excellence, Aaron once again won the Great Magician award in Korea's UIMC, magician contest in 2014. On top of that he is also a Man in Balloon performer in Singapore & Malaysia.

Visit: to find out more.

Performs: Close Up, Stage, Street, Children's Magic, Party Show, Mascot, Funny Clown, Man in Balloon and Hand Shadows
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:
Aaron is a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory


John Teo                                            

Singapore's John Teo

John Teo is presently the President of the IBM Singapore Ring 115. John enjoys applying the principles of magic to whatever he is doing. As a management consultant and trainer, John frequently uses magic to bring up important learning points.

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Comedy, Mentalism, Children's Magic and Gospel
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:


Bob Chua                                                           

Singapore Magician Bob Chua

Bob Chua has been dabbling in magic ever since he was a boy but real life dictated that he had to have a real job. When he retired several years ago from the corporate rat race, he finally had the excuse to turn professional and become a magician.
His big bag of tricks can toss up almost anything—and sometimes, everything—when you least expect it. His versatility and dexterity is evident in his polished performances, be it extravagant stage shows or close up "dinner table" legerdemain. Children shows, balloon sculpturing, and magic lectures are just a few of the many things Bob does.

A frequent traveller, Bob is a familiar face in magic circles both local and abroad, especially those of South East Asia, the United States, and Australia. Mention his name and his contemporaries will launch into lengthy praise of his talent and mastery of magic.

Presently a life member of the International Magicians Society, Bob stepped down as Vice-President of the Singapore Chapter in 1999 after two years of service. He was also a council member of the Society of American Magicians (Assembly 90) for the 1991-1993 and 1993-1995 terms.


2001 - The Merlin Award from The International Magicians Society USA for the Best Close Up Magician

1995 - Best Teach-In Magician of the Year from Singapore Association Of Magicians Assembly 90

1993 - First runner up at a Close Up Magic Competition at the Western Australia Magic Convention in Perth

Performs: Close Up, Street and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:


Ali Baba                                 

Singapore Magician

We do magic show its fully comedy show people laugh & catch their stomach we do magic show in birthday party any type of party we doing show last 100 years.

Performs: Comedy and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Haig Road, Singapore
Where does he perform?:
Nationally, India Maharashtra



Singapore Magician - Hasifayakun

Manipulation: The art of creating magic with only your hands is a form of magic as old as the art itself. Moving Hands is book ended by Hasif’s two signature acts, 'Moving Hands' and 'The Razor Illusion', and is the full blown representation of Hasif’s philosophy that magic should be performed as theatre. Instead of pointless illusions that go nowhere.

::Moving Hands:: Hasif’s signature act, 'Moving Hands', has garnered him immense praise for its sheer ingenuity and uniqueness. Hasif combines classic sleight of hand and manipulation, theatrical illusion, together with a little bit of the bizarre to bring a new and refreshing look and style to an old art form. Producing bird, objects mysteriously appears seemingly from nowhere and starts to manipulate them. Moving Hands has taken Hasif around the country and in front of hundreds or maybe thousands of viewers in theatres.

::The Razor Illusion:: You will witness, for example, Hasif eat and plays with fire to eating real sharp razor blades with shredded pieces of thread and pulling them out from his mouth linked together. These illusions plus many more are presented in a way only Hasif can. They are charged with a creative energy.

::L'Illusionist:: L'Illusionist is Hasif's latest act that is receiving positive review. It is a timeless story and has the feel of a classic film. L'Illusionist is still anchored by Hasif’s signature acts but is filled with illusions that have a significant impact, even in large venues, but is compact enough to fly with. The elegant magician, dressed in a distinct suit, performs visually stunning illusions onstage with style and panache.Producing fire from his wallet, objects appears from his fingertips and an innocent looking table tends to float and dances around with the magician and many more. This act has also got him 1st runner up at a recent competition Hasif entered.

All of these acts, which would be the highlight spot in any revue show, play on the international stage, television, cruise liners and corporate events. Many of the vignettes that Hasif performs, like Moving Hands, are performed to music so language is never a barrier. In fact, these acts are so flexible that they can be customized to fit a spot as short as 6 minutes or as long as 30 minutes. They can also be performed as one piece or can be divided into segments without altering the effectiveness of each section.

Typically the show lasts 15-20 minutes in length but can be customized to fit any situation. Many magicians toil for years pursuing a dream of perfecting just one signature act that will capture peoples’ imaginations and hopefully take them around the world. Hasif has accomplished that goal and has now created a third act that is receiving positive reviews.

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage and Fire Magic
Where is he based?:
Singapore, Woodlands
Where does he perform?:


Sembawang Magic                   

Singapore - Sembawang Magic

In the beginning was the word and the word was Sembawang Magic. Those words aptly described the magician, who from the start knew that the path of life he was going to take would be the journey full of illusions and magic. The path that has put smiles and laughter to the faces, from the young ones as well as those young-at-heart!

Experience Magic like you would never experience it before, right in front of you. Whether it is Close-Up Magic or Stage Magic the effects are fully examinable. Everything from Corporate Events or Charity Galas and even private Birthday Parties SEMBAWANG MAGIC will surely entertains.

Mr Hamid with over decades of experience, having performed extensively in Singapore and Malaysia is also a Lifetime Member of The International Magicians Society. He will be glad to assist you with the planning of your upcoming events. With vast experience in magic, it also comes with many repertoires and routines that you can choose, Floating Table Routine? Dove Production Routine? Dollar Bill in Orange Fruit? These are just a few tricks you have the pleasure to choose from.
Do not hesitate to call Mr Hamid, +6591471717 or Email

We do tailor to your specific needs and budget, as we believe, no one should be deprived from enjoying the wonderful world of MAGIC!

Performs: Close Up, Stage, Comedy, Mentalism and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:
Within 100 mile area, Malaysia


J C Sum                                                

Singapore - J C Sum

J C Sum represents a new breed of world-class illusionists and is one of Asia's very few Mega Illusionists.

The Straits Times (Singapore’s national newspaper) calls him “Singapore’s Most Famous Magician”.

MagicSeen (Europe’s largest magic magazine) refers to him as “The Ace in Asia”.

AsiaOne proclaimed J C as "one of the most celebrated magicians in Asia”. The Business Times highlighted that J C "brought magic into the mainstream market in Asia".

J C is best known for his mega illusions – The Impossible Journey (50 storeys teleportation in 5 seconds) and The Impossible Journey (teleporting 3 audience across the SG river in 2.5 seconds).

Together with his on-stage partner, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, J C currently stars in “Ultimate Magic”, Singapore’s first permanent illusion show at The Arena in Clarke Quay.

J C is also an acclaimed illusion designer with 3 illusion books under his belt that have been sold in over 35 countries.

He is in constant demand throughout the region to produce high-end illusion entertainment and design illusions for special projects.

J C and Ning are also set to attempt a world record setting magic act, "The Impossible Record" on the 27th of June as the closing highlight of Singapore River Festival. Additional information can be found at:

Performs:  Corporate and Customized
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:


'Magic Babe' Ning    

Magican in Singapore - Magic Babe Ning

Proclaimed "The sexiest woman in magic" by MagicSeen (Europe's largest magic magazine) and voted the "16th sexiest woman in the world in 2008" by FHM Singapore, 'Magic Babe' Ning is Asia's new star in magic!

Ning is hugely popular with the media & public and has been recognized and called "Singapore's only professional female magician" by all major national newspapers and magazines.

She made history in July 2008 by becoming the first female magician in South East Asia to successfully attempt a mega escape from "The Impalement Cage"!

Ning is also well-known for “The Impossible Journey” – a mega illusion where she, together with her on-stage partner, J C Sum, teleported three audience across the Singapore River in 2.5 seconds.

Ning currently stars with her on-stage partner, J C Sum, in "Ultimate Magic", Singapore's first permanent illusion show at The Arena in Clarke Quay.

Ning and J C are also set to close the Singapore River Festival on 27th June with a record setting magic act. Named "The Impossible Journey", Ning and J C will attempt a total number of 15 illusions in 5 minutes. More details of the event can be found on

Performs:  Corporate and Customized
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:



Magican in Singapore - JackMagik

Close-up magic is three simple things: a magician, an audience, and an act of wonder in between.

JackMagik is a magician who entertains and mystifies audiences with his signature blend of close-up magic. his cutting edge magic has wowed audiences in performances for Asia Pacific Breweries, Nokia, Singtel, Saxo Bank Group, Prudential, HPB, Ogilvy & Mather, Kinemat, STYLE, FHM, Maxim, ZoukOut, the Sparks Esplanade showcase and the Singapore Arts Festival ‘06.

He performs every weekend at the restaurant Pinchos, and at the Belgian bar & bistro, BrusselsSprouts.

As a magician, jackmagik is masterful with the impossible, polished and dynamic. as an entertainer, he cuts an arresting silhouette – engaging, charming and professional.

Your few hours are in very good hands.

Performs:  Close Up and Street
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:


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