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 Aaron Pang
Magician in Malaysia - Aaron PangThe Great Magician & The Balloon Man in Malaysia: In 2010, he won the championship in the inaugural Taiwan Qing Shui festival Magic competition followed by the renowned Taiwan RIC international magic competition. With this achievement, Aaron made history. He became the first foreign participant to emerge top in the contest, as well as the first Malaysian to win an international magic competition in Taiwan.

In the same year, he was crowned champion in Singapore's Magic circus competition. Aaron did not stop there. In 2011, he was presented with Malaysia International Magic Contest Best Choice Award after receiving the highest number of votes among all the contestants.

Since then, Aaron has been invited to perform nationally and internationally at various places including Resort World Genting, HSBC bank and Korea's international Magic show, never failing to astonish and amaze his audience each time. In 2011, he was even featured on Taiwan's hottest variety show, Diamond club‰ as the top magician. With a spirit of excellence, Aaron once again won the Great Magician award in Korea's UIMC, magician contest in 2014. On top of that he is also a Man in Balloon performer in Singapore & Malaysia.

Visit: to find out more.

Performs: Close Up, Stage, Street, Children's Magic, Party Show, Mascot, Funny Clown, Man in Balloon and Hand Shadows
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:
Aaron is a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory


Jeff Leong
Magicians in Malaysia - Jeff Leong

• Champion in Singapore International Magic Competition (2009)
• MTV, NTV7, ASTRO, TV2, TV1, etc.
• Consulted for magical expertise by ASTRO for "MY Astro Chinese New Year Countdown Gala Show" - the most popular countdown TV programme in Malaysia (2010, 2011)
• First magician to be officially invited to the royal palace to perform for the Sultan and the royal family.
• First magician to be officially invited to perform in the Astro CNY Countdown TV programme, together with guest artiste Jack Lim
• Hosted own theatre shows (2009, 2010), ticket selling in thousands.
• Guest judge for Magic Competition in Malaysia Magician Competition(2010).
• Guest performer for Singapore Association of Magicians' Annual Dinner (2010).
• Guest performer for Singapore International Magic Competition (2011)
• First Magician Predicted 4D Correctly In Malaysia & Being Feautured In More Than 20 Medias Such As Sinchew , The Star , Feng Cai , China & etc.
• First Bubble Show Performer In Malaysia (2013)

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Comedy, Street and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:
Jeff Leong is a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory


Doiing Magic Production & Entertainment
Magicians in Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia - Doiing Magic

The Most Award Winning Magic Artiste Company in Malaysia:

About us: Established since 2010, SAM CHIA is the founder of DOIING MAGIC PRODUCTION & ENTERTAINMENT A.K.A DM.

DM is a magic art performing group for both every kind of events. We also provide magic seminar for 5 - 99.

As one of the pioneer in this industry in Malaysia, we have 5 magicians in our team: SAM CHIA / JC YEO / ICELONE GOH / EMILY PYRENA / DANIEL GREATON.

We pride ourselves in not only do tricks but we are also able to custom produce props & shows to suit every event needs.

Award Listing:-
2008 TCM Magic tournament - Finalist
2009 Thailand International Magic Festival - Finalist
2010 Malaysia Stage Magic Open - 1st runner up/ 2nd runner up / special award
2010 Singapore International Magic Competition - 2nd runner up / Best Manipulator Award
2011 Malaysia Metro Cup Stage Magic Open - 2nd runner up / special award
2011 5th International Magic Extravaganza Magic competition - Malaysia Group Champion / International 3rd runner up
2011 1st Avenue Malaysia Stage Magic Open - 1st runner up / 2nd runner up / special award
2011 International Magic Association Malaysia Stage Open - Champion / 1st runner up / special award / silver award
2011 Malaysia Charity Cup Magic Competition - Champion / 1st runner up
2011 Malaysia Close up Magic competition - 2nd runner up
2011 China GuangZhou International Magic Competition - Champion / Creative Award / Future Star Award
2012 Thailand international Stage Magic Competition - 5th place
2012 Malaysia International Magic Festival - Stage Champion / Close up Champion / 2nd runner up / special award / silver award
2012 Penang Magic Competition - Champion
2012 GDHG Malaysia Stage Magic Open - Champion

Tel : +6 016 2131760

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Children's Magic, Illusions, Street Magic and Mentalism
Where is he based?:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Where does he perform?:
Doiing Magic is a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory


 Andrew Lee
Magician in Malaysia - Andrew LeeAndrew Lee, a magician who started out his carrier as a performer at a very young age of 16. His shows incorporates all 13 variations of magic.

One which includes Levitation, the ability to float an object in mid air.

Mentalism, dealing with the human mind also known as “Mind magic” which enables the performer to read minds, bend objects, move objects using only the power of the mind.

Transposition and Substitution of objects
from hand to hand enabling the audience to feel the magic right in their own hands.Magician in Malaysia - Andrew Lee

These are examples of some of the subdivision of magic in which he includes in his shows giving you different variety and variations.

Andrew has also performed all across Asia and countries like India, Egypt, Singapore, Kuwait and Australia. He was also the Assistant Director for Asia’s Biggest Illusion Show in Genting “Superstars of magic" held on OCT 2010.

He has also worked with well renowned magicians from all over the world, for more info Videos and Pictures please visit:
Performs: Close Up, Stage, Street, Mentalism and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:
Andrew is a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory


Pinky Loo - Lady of Magic
Magicians in Malaysia - Pinky Loo - Lady of Magic


The Merlin Award Winner "The best quick change act"
Malaysia Best Female Illsionist
Malaysia Book Of Record Holder 2012
"The Fastest costume quick change artist"
1min ,total 14 changes

The Merlin Award is regarded as the highest prize level in magic or illusion and the top recognition that magicians can achieve. For the best quick change act, an excited Loo says she managed to change the whole set of her costumes in 0.06 sec. Our young lady from Kuala Selangor has certainly made much progress from her face mask changing act to costume as well. Pinky picked up her interested in magic from following her father around trick shop and learning how to do the tricks herself. She dabbled into it at the age of 12 and is today recognised as the best Malaysia Female Magician.

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage and Mentalism
Where is she based?:
Where does she perform?:
Pinky Loo is a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory


David Lai

Malaysia Magician  - David LaiDavid Lai is a new breed in local entertainment . His shows incorporates mentalism , a subdivision of magic dealing with the human mind .

Starting off as a Street Magician in the rowdy streets of Kuala Lumpur , David made his way into becoming one of the most sought after close-up performers in the country . Working up the ladder of sucess , David has managed to garner up an impressive resume per-say :

Some of David's previous clients includes :

-Mercedes Benz
-Air Asia

These days , David regularly performs in celebrity studded events , private functions and large corporate dinners . David has had the luxury of meeting and performing to some of the most recognized personalities in the country, as well as bringing forth his shows towards internationally acclaimed celebrities . Some of them include:

-The Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharifuddin Abdul Aziz Shah,
-Tun.Dr Mahathir, former Prime Minister of Malaysia,
-Datuk Seri Dr.Najib bin Abdul Razak , current Prime Minister
-Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz, former Trade Minister

Testimonials from prominent figures include :
Malaysia Magician  - David Lai
`I was very very impressed ! This guy is unbelievable ! ' - Datuk Tony Fernandez , Air Asia's CEO

`How old is he ? I'm very impressed ! ' - Tun Dr.Mahathir Muhammad , Malaysia's 4th Prime Minister

More on David can be found at : or

You can contact David at :

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Comedy, Street and Mentalism
Where is he based?:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Where does he perform?:
David is a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory


Jackson Choa

Malaysia Magician  - Jackson ChoaJackson Choa is a dynamic professional magician, based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
Ideal for award nights, cocktail parties, conferences, conventions, corporate events, exhibitions, gala dinners, private parties, product launches, sales meetings, special events and trade shows.

Stage magic is a unique blend of magic, illusion and audience participation and is able to be performed for a large group of people so that your guests or clients can enjoy the magic at the same time. Imagine experiencing.

For larger events, Jackson Choa can also perform his "Floating table" illusion where he makes a solid wooden table float across the stage.

Having been interested in magic and illusions from a young age and having met the likes of David Copperfield, Jackson Choa's true passion is to touch the hearts and minds of the people he performs for and to bring back that sense of wonder they experienced as a child.

By having Jackson Choa at an event or promotion, you are guaranteed entertainment that your guests will love and remember. Every performance features magic, illusion, comedy, mystery, audience participation, and fun for all ages.

Do not hesitate to contact him to add sparkles to your event or gatherings!

Performs: Close Up, Stage, Comedy, Street, Mentalism and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Where does he perform?:
Jackson is a fully paid up member of The Magician Directory


Zlwin Chew

Klang, Malaysia  Magician - Zlwin Chew

Zlwin Chew is a magician based in the Klang Valley. His interest in magic started off during the early childhood days when his father used to bring his family for magic shows. However, he only got serious in learning the Art of Magic when he saw his friend performing some close-up magic to him few years ago. Since then he was determined to learn and he bought himself a magic book for beginners. It was only the beginning.

He then ventured further on the magical path. The love for the art of prestidigitation never left him.

Ever since he started learning magic, he has been captivating audiences of all ages.
From small family gatherings to private parties, festivals, church events, dinners, clubs and large crowd, Zlwin does it all! Zlwin can accommodate his show to any size of audience and venue. With his clean humour and personal charm he can keep any type of audience on the edge of their seat using a unique blend of comedy, magic, and illusion.

Zlwin currently works for Kuala Lumpur's most reknown club, Zouk Club KL, as their Resident Magician. He is the first of its kind in Malaysia, an in house magician in a club.

If you want magic to add a zest to your event and to give a magical touch to it, you can contact Zlwin Chew at

Magic is something that seems like it goes against how the world works and it is us magicians who have the privilege to demonstrate it. There are no tricks in magic, only wonderment. - Zlwin Chew

Performs: Close Up, Stage, Comedy and Mentalism
Where is he based?:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Where does he perform?:


Christopher Cheong

Selangor, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Magician - Christopher Cheong

Christopher Cheong (Zhang Jie Qi)

is a mentalist/magician currently residing in the Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

His interest in magic started off during his early childhood days. It happened when his family took him for a few magic shows. On his 8th year old birthday, his father bought him a magic kit set from Toys ‘R Us and that is where his foundation was set upon.

A few years after the vested interest has been instilled in his life, coincidence brought a group of magicians to his school and performed a few magic tricks that left a mark on his life like no other. Seeing magic happen before his very eyes further inspired him to learn the tricks of the trade and to improve as a better magician.

AND that was only the beginning,

late in 2007; Chris Cheong joined The Magic Annexe (Malaysia Premier Magic Club). This proved to be a stepping-stone in which he learnt to hone his skills, perfect his performing capabilities, and build his always-growing confidence as a performer.

With that as a basis, he decided to come out with Magical Ztudio the Magic Company; this move stunned many, as it was not expected. Magical Ztudio brought upon a lot of heavy criticism, criticisms that surface were about age, experience, and capability in competing and providing the necessary results from which Magical Ztudio was expected to do. Well that aside now, Magical Ztudio represents to be one of the leading magic companies in Asia.

No matter what obstacles that faced him, the love for Art of Magic has never left his heart.

He specializes in the field of stage mentalism, and close-up magic. With his ever-growing ‘Chris Humor’ and calm personality, he creates a unique combination of mentalism and magic that leaves a distinct memory in people’s lives.

Knowing when to make people laugh, creating the perfect setting for the event, making it memorable, these are just a few of the things that he creates when performing. Magic makes the difference in every soul; the difference is there to see. After all most things are beyond beliefs until you experience it for yourself.

Porfolio and performances options can be found at

Performs: Close Up, Stage, Comedy, Street and Mentalism
Where is he based?:
Selangor, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Where does he perform?:



Malaysia Magician  - Chase

We are specialized in Making People Happy & Laugh through a skill named Magic / Illusion. Here's some of the Happy People that we have made them Laugh

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Marie Claire Magazine
  • Pesta Usahawan Bumiputra
  • Grand Children of a State Royal Family
  • Fo Guang Shan Malaysia
  • Manja Ria - Sri Bestari Private School
  • And.......................more

Events that you may want to have a memorable moment

  • Children's Birthday Party
  • Wedding Dinner
  • Cocktail Party
  • Annual Dinner
  • Road Show / Exhibition
  • Product Launching
  • .............................You name it!

Types of Magic Shows

  • Kids Party Magic Show
  • Close-up / Walk-around / Street Magic
  • Stage Magic / Grand Illusions

Performs: Close Up, Stage and Comedy
Where is he based?:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Where does he perform?:
Locally, Klang Valley



Malaysia Magician  - Adlan

Adlan is a psychological illusionist known for his uncanny abilities to influence the thoughts and behaviour of his audience.
Enhance your event with the elegance, mystery and wonder of Adlan.

Performs: Mentalism and Hypnosis
Where is he based?:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Where does he perform?:


Anslem Roy Eric                                        

Malaysia's Anslem Roy Eric

Looking for an outstanding entertainment act?

- International Award Winning Illusionist / Magician
- Illusion-Designer
- Artistic Director
- Producer.

Magic & Illusion...
Audience Participation...
Surprises all the way!!
A good wholesome international quality act, suitable for all audiences.

Based in Malaysia.

Entertaining audiences worldwide for the last 3 decades. For both Corporate and Entertainment events.

Wide range of able to customize shows for corporate clients.

Magic & Illusion based Opening Gambits, Product Launches, Sales Kick-Offs, Trade Exhibitions, Seminars, Annual Dinners, etc.

Call now:
(6019) 32MAGIC - (6019) 3262442 or
(6012) 2020871

Performs: Cabaret, Stage, Mentalism and Mega-Illusions
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:


Ezat Indra De Zid                     

Malaysia's Ezat Indra De Zid

Magic is elusive! Magic occurs when the impossible becomes possible. everyone loves a magic show. people love to be astounded by magic tricks and wonder "how did they do it"? was it sleight of hands? was it smokes and mirrors? do they really have magical powers? Ezat Indra De Zid takes you through a wonderful experience of magic, combining stage illusion and street magic in one show. allow magic to bring out the kid in you and for one inspiring moment, suspend your disbelief and believe in the impossible. the feeling of awe that one will experience when presented face to face with a phenomena that defy the laws of nature is an experience not to be missed!

Ezat Indra De Zid

two words best to described Ezat's performance ; groundbreaking and phenomenal. Ezat Indra is an avant-garde of the street magic. with his slicks hands, he roams the streets of Malaysia bringing smiles and excitement to his audiences. his magic is unique and original but most importantly, it is the way he presents it. it is engaging, entertaining and it catches you off guard. his brooding dark looks capture the hearts of his fans whilst his personable charms wins the support of the young, the old and the masses. with countless accolades from his established peers, he is considered the best young talented magician to debut in recent years and is predicted for magic superstardom!

Performs: Close Up, Stage and Street
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:


Zaidi The Illusionist                      

Malaysia's Zaidi The Illusionist

Magic is great.. I want to perform like Criss Angel and Cyrill Takayama..
My idol is Criss Angel and Cyrill Takayama. Someday I will make my TV shows.  Not anyone can be the magician. Because the magician have a talent. Like me, I take magic as my serious career.
Now the world magic is my world.

Performs: Close Up, Stage and Street
Where is he based?:
Where does he perform?:


Darren Lee

Malaysia Magician  - Darren Lee

Needs some magical elements in your events?

Darren is one of the most sought-after walkabout/close-up magician in town performing in major functions, never fail to amaze people with his elegant/stylish sleight of hand and mesmerizing card magic. It will definitely be an enchanting, fascinating and entertaining experience with his presence in your events.

He has been a regular performer to:

- Dunhill
- Calsberg
- BAT Company
- OCBC Bank
- Standard Chartered Bank
- X Games Asia
- Apex Group
- Magical Theatre Restaurant
- Etc

Experienced in corporate events, launching parties, private fuctions, annual dinners, weddings, birthday celebration etc.

Contact at:

Performs: Close up, street and walkabout magic
Where is he based?:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Where does he perform?:


Carson Siew

Malaysia Magician  - Carson Siew

Carson is a professional Restaurant Magician and Walk-around magician, for Functions, Wedding Dinner And Birthday Party. Specializes in Close-up Magic, which is also known globally as Street Magic.

Carson have many experience in entertaining people with magic. Carson is from Johor, But willing to perform Nationally. As Carson is a Professional Sleight Of Hand Artist, He can perform with anything anywhere, totally impromptu, which is very much entertaining and convincing to the eyes of everyone.

Performs: Close up
Where is he based?:
Johor, Malaysia
Where does he perform?:


Kenneth Wong                             

Malaysia Magician  - Kenneth Wong

Based in Malaysia, Kenneth represents a new breed of World-Class illusionists and personifies the modern global illusionist.
His specialty is CREATING & CUSTOMIZING magic content for any medium: corporate events, television and live shows.

For corporate & special events, Kenneth is one of Malaysia’s premier entertainers. His ability to customize his shows and present effectively, has made him a highly sought-after illusionist for Malaysia audiences.

Whether it is headlining a showroom, staging an illusion show for a high-end corporate gala dinner, making a car or CEO appear for a launch or consulting for a television project, Kenneth is in-demand for his innovative magical mind and incomparable entertaining performance style, therefore he is the one and only Celebrity Magician in Malaysia.

Performs: Cabaret, Stage and Illusion
Where is he based?:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Where does he perform?:



Kelantan, Malaysia Magician - Shahrizal

I have done many magic show in Malaysia for example promotion MBF credit card, birthday party, opening ceremony for England optical, stage magic@hotel and many more. I have my street performers video " ilusi jalanan ", you can search that keyword in

Performs: Close Up, Stage, Street, Mentalism and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Kelantan, Malaysia
Where does he perform?:


Jason Lim

Magician in Penang Malaysia - Jason Lim

I am mainly a card magician. my performance will not let anyone down. if a deck is given to me, I can perform under any condition. I perform to tourist before and get great reaction from that. I do sell DVDs and decks. magic classes also available. any enquiry, feel free to email me:

Performs: Close Up, Street and Mentalism
Where is he based?:
Penang, Malaysia
Where does he perform?:



Magician in Tawau, Sabah - MagicTawau

MagicTawau the great magician from Sabahan people. He can perform close up magic, Street magic, children magic, stage magic and other. He famous at youtube video channel. Another country love his perform at youtube video channel. He perform for dinner, birthday party, school program too.

Performs: Close Up, Stage, Comedy, Street and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
Where does he perform?:


Aken Hellsing                  

Magician in Sarawak, Malaysia - Aken Hellsing

My name is Aken… I’m starting love magic when I’m watching David Blaine magic performance in Axn when I’m 12 years old. Then, after I’m watching the magic show from David Blaine, I started to learn magic but nobody want to teach me. I started to make a research, practice and play magic. I making a magic performance in school when I’m 13 years old as the amateur. However, I become a professional magician when I’m 15 years old and become an illusionist when I’m 17 years old. At the moment, I already make a magic and illusions at many place in Sarawak, Malaysia.
For me, everybody loved magic whether they believe it or not. However, for those who believe with magic, it is okay and for those who do not believe with magic, no explanation for them.
Magic is the one of interesting art when we make a performance and with other people and when they ask “how do you do that?” Or “where do you learn it?” It is interesting. Although they don’t know us but when we make a magic, the connection between us and the other people is looks like a magical thing. Magic is great for me and my power, my energy is for magic and illusion.
Finally, magic is the best thing to show the combination between physical and mind power is unlimited.

Performs: Close Up, Street and Illusion
Where is he based?:
Sarawak, Malaysia
Where does he perform?:



Magician in Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia - Daniel

For groups up to 1000 or so, some of Daniel's signature effects are set in a more theatrical presentation.

This magical journey includes rings, ropes, cards, sword, illusions, money, and the list goes on; loads of comedy, excitement and fun!
These audience -participation shows are tailor to each event, and can last up to 30 minutes in length.

Some of Daniel's reputable clients include Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad, Maxis, Aquaria KLCC, Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad, Macy Home Furnishings. +6019 2899 895 / +6012 371 1549

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia
Where does he perform?:


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