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 Bao Hoang

Quebec Magician - Bao HoangBao Hoang is a Professional Close-Up Magician & Mentalist for Weddings, Corporate Events, and Private Parties based in Montreal.

Bao has over 13 years of experience in performing magic for various audiences, ranging from small private events to performing for large corporate audiences, such as The Montreal Casino, Porsche, RedBull, L'Oreal and many more.

Using his mixture of skilled sleight of hand, mind-blowing mentalism, and a touch of comedy, Bao promises to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Street and Mentalism
Where is he based?:
Quebec, Canada
Where does he perform?:
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 Jonathan Gold

Jonathan Gold is an award-winning sleight-of-hand magician that puts a modern twist on classic magic. He shares his unique interactive performances with audiences of all sizes and ages, up close, on stage and everywhere in between.

Jonathan is an experienced theatrical entertainer with a quick wit and even quicker hands, that are guaranteed to leave audiences amazed, amused and astonished.

Whether you are looking for an emcee, a featured act, or someone to add that special something to any party, his expert sleight-of-hand and razor-sharp wit are guaranteed to bring joy and wonder to all your guests.

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret and Stage
Where is he based?:
Quebec, Canada
Where does he perform?:
Within a 100 Mile Area
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"Canada's Funniest Magician" - Broderick Mauro

Quebec City, Quebec Canada Magician - Broderick Mauro

Broderick is more than just a magician (note the absence of a tuxedo), he's an extremely funny entertainer that's had a long-standing ambition to make people laugh...out loud! He does this during all of his performances by using theatrics, comedy and the most hilarious audience participation you'll ever witness.

Broderick's repertoire includes many of the classics of magic, but he's well known for his off-the-wall performances that keep his audiences laughing long after the show is over. His performances are custom built to suit your particular audience, which gives him the ability to entertain any crowd, any time, any where.

Broderick performs hundreds of shows across the country every year and he is widely known as "Canada's Funniest Magician". He is continually expanding his bag-of-tricks (and finding a thing or two up his sleeve), so he can bring his audiences a perfect blend of comedy and magic each and every time.

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Comedy and Children's Magic
Where is he based?:
Quebec City, Quebec
Where does he perform?:


Blair Marshall                                     

Montreal's Magician & Illusionist - Blair Marshall

"Creating the MAGIC, that memories are made of!"

Blair Marshall is one of Montreal's busiest full time professional magicians! He performs hundreds of shows, for thousands of delighted spectators each year!! Whenever a client needs his guests to be entertained and amazed, they call on Montreal's finest magician. From the smallest of close-up magic, to the full-stage illusion review, Blair is the owner of Canada's LARGEST illusion review. He also supplies consulting services to theatre, TV. and commercials.

No show is too small, no show is too big!

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage and Illusions
Where are they based?: Montreal, Canada
Where do they perform? Nationally


The Amazing Todsky                               

Montreal's The Amazing Todsky

"I will deceive your eyes. I will mildly short-circuit the logical centre of your brain. You will laugh. You will wonder!"

Once every generation there emerges a shaper of magic who changes the way society sees the very fabric of existence. Regrettably, The Amazing Todsky is not that magician. However, he is a legend in his own mind, and is always good for some nifty illusions and a few laughs, and even manages to amaze. After all, it is no coincidence that he is known as the Amazing Todsky. Or is it?

The Amazing Todsky has also appeared at most of Montreal's major hotels, and in many of its fine restaurants. And while he was in London, Todsky entertained The Mamas and Papas with card tricks, was escorted out of the London Tube by Bobbies while making a handkerchief float, and, in his greatest feat ever, amused a family of Venezuelan goats with a rope trick.

See you at the show!

Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Comedy, Mentalism and Children's Magic
Where are they based?: Montreal, Canada
Where do they perform? Nationally


Patrick Reymond                                  

France and Canada-'s Patrick Reymond

Patrick presents a show in a style that unites the absurd, prowess, doubt, disbelief, fantasy and comedy.

Magician Patrick executes stupefying tricks with great dexterity and a comedic flair that will keep your guests laughing throughout the day or the evening. Sceptics will be confounded. Patrick Reymond’s magic is an entertaining, funny, sophisticated and spectacular experience. With his unmistakable style, Patrick Reymond is a comic magician specialising in both magical and comedic entertainment.
Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Comedy, Street, Mentalism, Children's Magic and Gambling
Where are they based?: Montreal-France (2 homes)
Where do they perform? Worldwide, France


Jonathan Levey                              

Max & Maxine, Magicians

Silent-Comedy Magic for corporate and private events. Mingling Magic during cocktails, and an after-dinner show with music, lots of audience participation, and includes Max's hilarious (and original) Pickpocketing routine.
Performs: Close Up, Cabaret, Stage, Comedy, Mentalism and Pickpocket
Where are they based?: Montreal, Quebec
Where do they perform? Anywhere in the world


Joey Incollingo                           

Magician in Montreal - Joey Incollingo

Joey Incollingo, a close up, stage and children's magician based in Montreal, Canada.   Please call or email Joey for more information in his services.

Tel:  514 769-8340

Performs: Close Up, Stage and Children's Magic
Where are they based?: Montreal, Canada
Where do they perform? Worldwide


Louis Jutras                                      

Magician in Montreal - Louis Jutras

Louis Jutras is a magician working in the Montreal area (Laval, Longueuil...).

He specialises in children's magic and close up magic. He is available for private parties and corporate events.

Performs: Close Up, Mentalism and Children's Magic
Where are they based?: Montreal, Canada
Where do they perform? Within 100 mile area


Jimmy le Magicien                      

Magician in St Georges, Quebec - Jimmy le Magicien

Innovateur et professionnel, il impressionne à coup sûr !
Soyez éblouis par la présence sur scène, le professionnalisme et l¹originalité des numéros de Jimmy le Magicien. La maîtrise parfaite de son art lui a mérité de nombreuses récompenses dont le premier prix à la compétition « Magie et illusions » tenue au Stade Olympique de Montréal en 2003.
Un spectacle hallucinant, à couper le souffle !
Imaginez être le témoin de phénomènes impossibles. En un tour de main, Jimmy matérialise plusieurs colombes, transforme celles-ci en lapin, produit des explosions du bout des doigts, devine vos moindres pensées, change de costume en une fraction de seconde, enflamme des morceaux de papier par le pouvoir de l'esprit, transperce son assistante d'épées tranchantes et ensuite la dématérialise.
Il s'agit seulement de quelques-unes des nombreuses illusions que Jimmy présente avec brio, humour et la participation du public, au grand plaisir de celui-ci. Le tout, rehaussé d'une mise en scène dynamique, se termine par un spectaculaire numéro d'évasion. Votre magicien se fait menotter et cadenasser dans une caisse en bois, préalablement vérifiée, et s'évade en moins de trois secondes !

Performs: Cabaret and Stage
Where are they based?: St Georges, Quebec
Where do they perform? Worldwide


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